Sarah Brown Ceramics

I strive to make unique ceramic vessels that compliment their space and use

Artist's Statement

I see my work as both sculptural and functional.  When throwing, I alter my forms to give them the appearance of both balance and asymmetry.  Tight, smooth curves and surfaces are accented by undulating rims, feet and sides.  My aim is to capture a feeling of organic movement.

My aesthetic is informed by the beautiful ornate elements of nature.  In my work, I try to capture the feeling of anticipation when discovering the hidden:  a flower that is about to open or an egg that is about to hatch.

I am inspired by the effects of the anagama kiln. The effects often make the work look like stone or an artifact that has just been brought up from the bottom of the ocean. These effects are a lovely palate for food and flowers. I also salt fire and reduction fire in which I also use both soft and bold colors to complement food and table use.

I strive to make my pieces comfortable and inviting to use. I love to cook and take so much joy in using a pot that makes the food look better and allows the pot to be a part of the community of the table. I make functional pots which are inspired by gatherings around the table with great food, great company and great wine.


I was born and raised in Napa, California.  Throughout my childhood I was taught to garden, cook and to take time not only to notice but to appreciate the subtleties of nature.  Every spring we would plant the garden and watch it grow with great anticipation for the meals to come and then they did and we delighted in making up new recipes without ever having to go to the market.  By that description you might expect that I grew up on a farm, but quite the contrary, my mom, brother and I did this all in the middle of downtown Napa. I started working in clay as a child and have never stopped.

I took ceramics class all four years of high school after which I continued working in clay and got a job at Napa Valley College as the lab technician for the ceramic department.  Though I was still working in clay, all of my classes were in preparation to major in a hard science.  Eventually I transferred to UC Santa Barbara where I majored in Mathematics.  I always worked with clay though, I got a job in the ceramic department of Santa Barbara City College and also worked for a wonderful local ceramic artist, Scott Chatenever.  I also worked at the Sonoma Community Center which is growing in many beautiful ways.

Currently I live in Napa and teach ceramics at Vintage High School, it is my dream job.  My students brighten every day and give me hope for the future.  I still plant a garden in the spring and when the fruit comes not only do I get to play with meals, but also with how to arrange it and on which plate.